Shibden Park

A Historical Journey to Shibden Hall

Nestled in the enchanting Calderdale landscape, just a 15-minute drive from the luxurious “By the Beck” apartment, lies the splendid Shibden Hall, the historic home of Anne Lister, known to many as “Gentleman Jack.” A stay at “By the Beck” offers a unique opportunity to delve into the extraordinary life of this 19th-century landowner, diarist, and traveler.

Shibden Hall, set within the beautiful Shibden Park, stands as a remarkable testament to Anne Lister’s life and times. Built in 1420, the hall is an architectural marvel, reflecting the tastes and styles of various periods. Anne Lister, who lived there from 1826 until her death in 1840, left a significant mark on the property, adding to its architectural richness and historical significance.

A visit to Shibden Hall transports you back to the days of Anne Lister, whose remarkable life has been brought to the screen in the acclaimed BBC/HBO series “Gentleman Jack.” As you wander through the rooms, beautifully restored and filled with period furniture, you can almost hear the echoes of Anne’s confident stride and see the sparkle of her intelligence in the portraits adorning the walls.

The hall’s extensive grounds are equally captivating. You can explore the stunning gardens, including the terraced “Paisley Shawl” that Anne herself designed. The estate also features a boating lake, miniature railway, and walking trails that meander through lush woodlands and open fields. It’s a perfect destination for those looking to combine historical exploration with the joys of the outdoors.

But the connection to Anne Lister doesn’t end within the confines of Shibden Hall. Calderdale itself is steeped in history related to this remarkable woman, who was ahead of her time in many ways. Her influence can be seen in various landmarks and the cultural fabric of the area.

After a day exploring Shibden Hall and its surroundings, you can return to “By the Beck,” where the combination of modern comfort and historical charm continues. Enjoy the apartment’s luxurious amenities and ponder the life of Gentleman Jack as you relax in the heart of Calderdale, a region rich in history and natural beauty.

In a place where the past and present intertwine so elegantly, a visit to Shibden Hall from “By the Beck” is more than a historical excursion; it’s an immersive experience that brings to life the indomitable spirit of Anne Lister and the vibrant tapestry of the land she called home. Whether you’re a fan of the television series or a history enthusiast, this journey into the life of Gentleman Jack is an unmissable part of any stay in Calderdale.

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